Foodie traditions to put a spring in your menu

After a long, dark winter there really is nothing better than the arrival of spring. Nights are lightning, the air is warming and colourful, fresh flavours start to take centre stage on our plates.

Hot Cross Buns: Possibly the best smell in a kitchen

Representing the rebirth of the world after winter and the four quarters of the moon, traditional Hot Cross Buns are a spring and Easter staple dating back to the 12th Century. And it’s no real surprise that in 2015 the smell of baking was voted Britain’s favourite smell. It’s not a new trick but to drive additional footfall this Easter –  in-house baking is a modern yet traditional way to engage customers for a mid-morning or late afternoon visit. Doves Farm have milled organic and heritage flours, as well as a range of naturally gluten-free flours since 1977. Warm the senses and bring your recipe up to date, with Doves Farm Gluten Free Hot Cross Bunshot cross buns

Mothering Sunday: Don’t forget the flowers

Mothering Sunday was traditionally the day when young people “in service” were given a day off so that they could visit their families. Girls would often collect wildflowers from the fields on their journey home. And so, gave rise to the tradition of giving your mother flowers on Mothering Sunday. For those not quite ready to serve freshly picked flowers, Mona Lisa’s Chocolate Tulip Cups give chefs the ability to create extraordinarily detailed floral desserts that any mother would love. Today many families choose to use the day for a family get together, where mum isn’t expected to cook! So ensuring you have something special on your menus is key to attracting the crowds.


Taste of the Med: Dishes from the Gods

Throughout history, spring has been a time for fertility and awakening. The Ancient Greeks celebrated the arrival of spring alongside the festival of Dionysus – The Greek god of wine. Mediterranean foods quite naturally make us think of spring, warmer climates and summer holidays. Not only do the Mediterranean dishes bring colour and flavour to your spring menus, the Mediterranean diet has long been one of the healthiest diets known to man. MedFoods source the highest quality Mediterranean produce from Greece, Spain and Turkey. Spring salads with feta, olives and sun-dried tomatoes are a great traditional but healthy dish.

traditional greek salad

A Modern Fes-Tea-Val

What could be more Traditionally British than tea? Since the mid 17th Century Britain has been a nation of tea lovers and tea drinkers. Popularised by the royals, afternoon tea has become a staple part of British Society. Today we celebrate our love of tea in many ways. The Annual fes-tea-val “National Tea Day” taking place on 21st April each year showcases all that we Brits love about tea. With tea tastings, tea pairing demos, celebrity baking masterclasses and more all showcased in the stunning grounds of Chiswick house. If you are looking to develop a tea pairing menu this season, then Pure Leaf among other notable tea brands will be on hand to showcase their latest and greatest collections and flavours.

chiswick house

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