Rungis Market: Paris

Getting a sense of scale:

Rungis is the largest wholesale market for fresh produce in the world. To get a sense of what that actually means you need to consider that Rungis covers 232 hectares, has its own railway station and motorway exit. Everyday fresh fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, cheese and even flowers are sold here every day by over 26,000 vehicles and in frankly vast quantities. Often referred to as ‘The Belly of Paris’, it is where every Parisien chef buys what they cook and each year it sells over €7bn worth of food and feeds one out of every five French people.

The fish market.

Inaugurated in 2004, the Fish Pavilion is, without doubt, a star of Rungis Market and rightfully considered a world benchmark, as much for its infrastructure as for the quality and diversity of the fish it sells. Innovative technology has been used to improve health, safety, and cold chain compliance. Approximately 145,000 tons of fish and shellfish are sold here every year, the fresh fish sector of Rungis is one of France’s largest ports in terms of volume.

The meat markets.

Fresh meat forms a massive part of the daily operations at Rungis and there are individual pavilions for beef, pork, poultry, game, and offal. Every possible animal or part of an animal that can be eaten can be found in the meat markets, from furred game through to the finest filet.

The Cheese Pavilion.

Like the other halls, the cheese pavilion is wholesale only and as such you won’t find any picturesque slices of Emmental or brie here. Instead, you’ll find enormous wheels of comté, and boxes and boxes of speciality cheeses from all over France and western Europe.

The Produce Pavilions.

Much has been written about the produce halls at Marché de Rungis already and as a company, it’s here that we feel completely at home. The scale of what is sold here on a daily basis beggars belief. Traders from all over Europe come to buy and sell fresh fruit, herbs and vegetables, dried goods, ingredients, oils and any number of specialist products from artisanal producers through to multinational food companies.

Woods Foodservice Partners

We’re extremely fortunate, because of our size, to be one of the only Foodservice companies based in the UK that has their own partners working at Rungis every day. We have regular weekly deliveries leaving Rungis, coming to our distribution facility in Uxbridge in temperature controlled vans and lorries. As a result, our clients can specify incredibly specialist, hard to find and authentically French products on sale at Rungis. Our partners will source them and ensure they’re loaded into our shipments for same day delivery to our distribution hub in Uxbridge. From there we deliver directly to our client’s restaurants in London.


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