Valentines tips of temptation 

Valentine’s day signals that the world has officially started turning again for UK restaurants. Last year consumer spending on eating and drinking in February increased 1.2% vs. 2016 after a 0.4% slump in January. So, will love be in the air this year? We’ve called in Michele Stanco, Development chef from Carpigiani UK to give you five ideas that will make your Valentine’s day offer intoxicatingly romantic.

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In the eye of the beholder

Winning hearts on social media is a sure fire way to secure valentines bookings. Your desserts give you the opportunity to create a visual feast for lovers this Valentine’s day so dialing up the colour, texture, and size of your sweets will make the difference.

Here are some top tips to make your valentines dessert pics irresistible on social:

  • Get your angles right: Decide on the style and composition of your photo: (i) top down, (ii) 45-degree angle or (iii) super close up
  •  Create the mood but keep it simple: Using filters if you are looking to just capture the food is an effective way of making the image pop on a screen but its also good to think about what else will create the feeling you want – taking a picture of the food in a relevant setting can really add to the mood
  •  Let there be light: Always take pictures in good natural daylight or with professional lighting. It makes a huge difference to the end picture and ultimately what people think about your food.


Up close and personal

Nothing says I love you more than something personal. It takes effort, time and a little planning to get it right but can make all the difference. Think about giving your customers the chance to personalise a dessert for their loved one when they book. It’s a simple way of adding a little panache to your offer. Little surprises always get people talking.

Made for two

The iconic love story, Lady and the Tramp, is epitomised by the famous spaghetti kiss. Creating dessert options that bring your guests closer together means you can create a real sense of connection (and halve the washing up!). Mini-taster dessert platters create conversation and a little bit of tension – but that’s how romance starts!

valentines food

Get a room

Some of your guests may find hanging around for dessert a distraction from heading home for some cosy time or just getting back to look after the kids. Thinking about how you can make sure your dining experience stays in their minds could mean they come back again and again. Handmade chocolates, confectionary or breakfast pastries that customers can easily takeaway will mean you really cement your place in that romantic nostalgia.

valentines food

Love potion

There are a number of ingredients with aphrodisiacal qualities, some more powerful than others. Here are some of the ones to keep in mind for you Valentine’s specials this year. Warning, we cannot accept any liability for love affairs induced by these ingredients.


The Aztecs were the first to draw a link between the cocoa bean and sexual desire. Mona Lisa Chocolate cups are an easy way to lift a dessert and finish it with style.


As far back as 500BC, honey has been known as an aphrodisiac along with having a host of other benefits for humans. Tiptree Manuka Honey is one of the finest honey’s available.


Caffeine excites not just the body, but also the mind and can elevate mood. Trablit Coffee extract is extremely diverse in terms of its use in the kitchen and super aromatic.

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Desserts pictured above are for a demonstrations purposes only.

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