Creamy Lychee Dessert

The Ingredients

Green Tea bubbles

  • Simple syrup – 100g
  • Water – 400g
  • Bubble Sosa – 11.5g
  • Matcha Tea Sosa – 2g

 For the Matcha sponge cake – (microwave)

  • Egg – 100g
  • Egg yolk – 80g
  • Sugar – 140g
  • Flour – 60g
  • Water – 50g
  • Matcha Green Tea – 10g

For the Lychee Gnocchi

  • Lychee purée 1 – 210g
  • Yuzu juice – 15g
  • Simple syrup – 25g
  • Promochi Sosa – 50g
  • Lychee purée 2 – 75g
  • Lychee purée to conserve – c/s

For the Roses Infusion

  • Water – 425g
  • Simple syrup – 75g
  • Xantana Sosa – 1g
  • Roses compound Sosa – 30g

To Set it up

  • Roses jelly Sosa – c/s
  • Yuzu custard




For the Green Tea bubbles
  1. Blend all ingredients for the green tea bubbles and leave for 12 hours. Use foam kit for making bubbles.

For the Sponge Cake

  1. Blend all ingredients for the sponge cake and pour the mixture into syphon with 2 charges.
  2. Using soft plastic glasses, make a small hole on the bottom with a knife and fill it to half capacity with sponge cake foam.
  3. Bake it for 40 seconds in the microwave. Cool it inside out on top of grill. Remove it from its mould and dry.
For the Lychee Gnocchi
  1. Dissolve promochi in lychee purée 2, add all ingredients for the lychee gnocchi and boil them but stir it continuously with spatula. You will get a smooth and sticky dough.
  2. Pour it in a piping bag and use the ice-cubes bath.
  3. Drop small balls on ice water, let it set and remove. Keep them immersed in Lychee purée.
For the Roses Infusion
  1. Blend all ingredients for rose infusion and vacuum to remove all air inside. Keep it aside.
To compose the recipe
  1. Set on a deep dish a few drops of Rose jelly. Cream lychees and pieces of sponge cake. Also a few Matcha Tea Bubbles.
  2. Spray it all with warm Rose infusion.

And your recipe is complete.

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