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Josh Angus, Head Chef at Hide Restaurant shares the recipe for their crab tartlet with gooseberries & avocado

Crab tartlet with kaffir lime, avocado & elderflower

Pickled cucumber:

2          Cucumbers

150ml   Elderflower vinegar

Peel cucumber, cut into quarters and deseed, flatten top and dice to 1.5 cm, place in a container with elderflower vinegar and compress; drain off any liquid. You can use the vinegar twice. Check with senior chef.


Pickled apple:

3          Granny smith green apples

150ml   Apple juice

Peel and dice apples to 1.5cm, place in container with apple juice and compress; drain off any liquid. Check with senior chef.


Pickled gooseberries / grapes

Gooseberries / white grapes

Pickle liquor

Slice gooseberries / grapes 2mm thick and place in container with pickle, compress.


Tart cases:

Pate a bric pastry from Woods

Melted butter (half salted, half unsalted)

Cut pastry out around the lid of a deli container, brush both sides with melted butter.

Place two layers on an upside down tart case making sure they are very central then place            another tart case over them. Bake at 180 for 7 minutes. Check with senior chef.

Avocado and kaffir lime puree:

500g     Avocado

20g       Lime juice

1g        Vit c powder

5g        Salt

4          Kaffir lime leaves

150g     Greek yoghurt


1g        Green colour


Blend everything except yoghurt in vitaprep until very smooth. It may need a little water at the start.

Add yoghurt and blend again, check with senior chef for colour and seasoning, pass, store in squeezy bottle.



100g       Crab meat

10g         Crab mayonnaise

20g         Greek yoghurt

2g           Chopped dill

20g         Pickled cucumber

20g         Pickled apple

3g           Salt


Mix together above. Check with senior chef. Keep chilled.

Brown crab mayonnaise

120g       Pasteurized egg yolk

320g       Brown crabmeat

30g         Water

15g         Dijon mustard

42g         Lemon juice

25g         Chardonnay vinegar

9g           Salt

3g           Sugar

500g       Veg oil

300g       Extra virgin rapeseed oil

Place all ingredients in a container and blend.

Blend in the oil gradually until thick and homogenous. Check with senior chef.


Avocado slices

Ripe haas avocado

4l             Water

40g         Salt


Bring 1l water to a boil and add the salt to dissolve. Remove from the heat and add the remaining water to cool it down. Check with senior chef.

Halve the avocado and remove the stone; carefully peel.

Cut the avocado into 5mm slices then place in the brine for minimum 1 hour.

Keep until required, but make sure they are at room temperature before serving.



Sea purslane (Picked not too small, blanched 20 secs then refreshed and drained)

Tart case

Avocado slices

Pickled grapes

Fennel flowers

Avocado puree

In the tart case, pipe on a layer of the brown crab mayo, then top with a thin layer of sliced avocado.

Top with the crab mixture. Pipe on 7 dots of puree and top with 7 gooseberry slices, 3 fennel  flowers (on the grapes) and x4 sea purslane.

Pipe a little oyster emulsion (if using anywhere else) / avocado puree on the base of the Mattes plinth or Nom plate, then top with the tart to stabilise it.