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Woods Foodservice has recently expanded its offering to bring customers the finest fresh produce. As part of this offering we wanted to inspire chefs to make the most of the fresh fruit and vegetables in season.

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There is plenty to restore the mind and body post festive season with everything from British heritage beetroots, stunning cabbages and citrus fruits in abundance.


The month the first morels start to appear. One of the world’s most desired wild mushrooms, the forest foragers start searching for these treasures towards the end of the month as the weather gets a little warmer.


The first day of spring brings with it French Globe artichokes and British Jerusalem artichoke varieties, along with truffles, a wide range of wild herbs and plants and more exotic fruits like mangos and pineapples.


Spring has truly sprung, wild garlic is plentiful, along with an array of spring vegetables and amazing edible flowers.


Squeezed between spring and summer, May is a month when produce really starts to get colourful, with asparagus, peas, carrots and cherries coming into season, along with aubergines and rocket.


Nature’s larder is well stocked for the official start of British summer time, with Isle of Wight Heritage tomatoes taking centre stage. A favourite of Ivan, our Head of Fresh Produce Purchasing, it’s easy to see why once you’ve tried them.


Mid-summer and British strawberry season is in full flow, benefiting from the longer days and warmer weather, but there is plenty more to keep you inspired and menus exciting. Choose everything from ceps, to samphire, raspberries, and rhubarb.


Black Provence figs make an appearance as we go deeper into summer, along with an abundance of other fruit and vegetables including exquisite British peas.


Bumper crops of borlotti beans, runner beans, wild bilberries, and damsons are on the menu as we look to savour the last days of summer and edge towards autumn.


Crisp mornings and longer nights see us welcome heartier food once more, with pumpkins top of the pile. Look out for blackberries, brussels sprouts, and blueberries too.


With the nights drawing in, wonderful root vegetables like winter radish, turnips, potatoes and carrots, come to the fore, not to mention cabbages, cauliflower and kale.


Christmas calls for clementines, and we have plenty at this time of year, as well as all kinds of festive fruits and vegetables, from the traditional to the less well known or used.

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