A taste of 2020 – Top 5 Foodservice trends

2019 has definitely been a year to remember for us here at Woods Foodservice and we hope that yours was just as delightful! As the year is wrapping up, to what seems like a speedy close, we are beginning to look forward to all of the fun and exciting events for the year ahead. So, we have compiled a list of our Top 5 Foodservice Trends to look out for as we enter 2020.


Here at Woods, we are proud and passionate about our green policies, and are constantly looking for ways to minimise our environmental impact still further. The desire to be more eco-conscious has been a strong trend among consumers this year and we think it will continue into 2020. it is so important that the restaurant industry mirrors this by offering meals that enable consumers to follow their desire to dine with a clear conscience.

Whether that is catering to ‘Flexitarianism’, with more plant-based options, or introducing more ‘green’ practices, such as removing plastics.

2. Fine Dining:

2019 has seen a shift in consumers wanting the full meal experience when choosing to dine out, and this is set to continue into the New Year. Fine dining is seeing a revival due to an increasing number of connected consumers who are looking to try new dishes in an environment that offers an ‘experience’.

3. From Plot to Plate

As part of a desire to reduce food miles and be more eco-conscious, and also support local business, Brits are looking for hyper-local produce. Restaurants, while still keen to use the very best produce available, are working increasingly hard to find that as close to home as possible.  Your sales rep can help you here.

4. Going Global

Traveling the world and gaining insight into different cultures has never been so easy, and as we enter a new decade, consumers expect to be able to experience more unusual and less mainstream international flavours from restaurants much closer to home. We expect to see an increase of unique fusion dishes from across the world and flavours that wouldn’t typically be paired, as customers seek out new and exciting experiences.

5. Japanese Flavours

2020 marks the year of the Summer Olympics, which will take place in the culinary powerhouse of Japan. It is estimated that 3.6 billion people worldwide tuned into the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, and similar numbers are expected for the upcoming games next year. In light of this, it is anticipated that Japanese influenced dishes will make their presence felt on summer menus across the country.