Green Woods – Committed to Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

At Woods Foodservice, we are passionate about minimising our environmental impact and are constantly reviewing the way we work to implement new business practices and technology that will reduce our carbon footprint.

After moving to our new offices in 2016 to a new, fully insulated, environmentally friendly distribution centre in Uxbridge, we have continued to develop and find new ways to reduce our carbon emissions and become even more sustainable.


Our Fleet

We continually find ways to update our delivery fleet and now our latest Mercedes Sprinter is on the road and ready for the ultra-low emission zone. Our next van will be fully electric which will significantly reduce the impact of our deliveries on the environment.

Food delivery miles are kept to a minimum due to carefully planned delivery routes and all our vans comply with Euro 6 ratings, reducing emissions substantially.

We strive to further improve fuel consumption of each vehicle by recording data on speed and temperatures. Our new forklift fleet is electric and extend to the top tier racking reducing the required driving time.



Our Equipment

The fleet chillers and freezers use eutectic plate technology which reduces emissions significantly compared to traditional methods such as running motors on top of vans. Newly installed, bigger chiller and freezer units are helping us to drive efficiency by allowing us to carry 150kg of additional produce.



Waste Not

The building has a water harvesting system and have also installed a 3-way interceptor to ensure wastewater from van washing and floor washing is filtered in a safe way.

We have recycled our waste for many years now and continue to work in conjunction with suppliers to ensure packaging is constantly being reduced.

Food wastage is monitored extensively by an experience team and when required low dated stock is donated to charities.



Locally and Organically Sourced

Where possible our produce is sourced locally to reduce food miles and support local businesses and communities.

We are committed to supplying customers with a range of organic and fair-trade products and offer products that have been sustainably sourced, such as Rubies in the Rubble sauces and Paddy & Scott’s premium coffee.