Woods Foodservice Delivers On Excellent AA Grade Safety Award

We are thrilled to have been awarded a BRC (British Retail Consortium) AA Grade once again following our success last year, highlighting our commitment to operating at the very highest standards.

The BRC Global Standard for Food Packaging certification is viewed as a benchmark of quality, safety and legality and has been recognised and adopted by retailers, manufacturers and packaging businesses worldwide.



To achieve our AA BRC Grade, we must carry out a wide range of things each year, including:

  • Ensure all Woods Foodservice policies and procedures are kept up to date. There are seven policies and over thirty procedures
  • Ensure all staff are fully trained on Woods Foodservice policies and procedures
  • Ensure a Food Safety Management plan is in place and kept up to date
  • Ensure a Management Review meeting is held to discuss customer feedback, customer complaints, review of any incidents, product rejections, review previous management meeting minutes, any changes that could affect the quality management system, review our HACCP and Risk Analysis System, recommendations for improvements, company resources, company performance, policies and procedures and legislation updates and changes.
  • Ensure a HACCP plan is in pace and kept up to date
  • Ensure food safety prerequisites are in place for all product safety and handling requirements
  • Ensure a mock product recall and traceability exercise is carried out at least once a year
  • Ensure all senior staff are HACCP trained
  • Ensure all documents relating to BRC are document controlled with an identity, version number, revision date and authorised by the Logistics Manager and our third party BRC Consultant – some of the documentation required is, Daily “AM” and “PM” vehicle check sheets, customer returns, vehicle temperature calibration records, goods acceptance forms, policies and procedures, visitor medical questionnaire form, engineering sign off record, forklift inspection form, traceability form, product recall forms, key staff absence cover plus many more.
  • Ensure all vehicle temperature control is recorded and readily available for viewing
  • Ensure all equipment has service and maintenance schedule in place
  • Ensure property inspections are carried out on a monthly basis
  • Ensure corrective action plans and hazard and defect reports are completed subject to a hazard or defect occurring
  • Ensure an approved supplier list is kept on file – All suppliers must be third party accredited and at the very least complete a supplier approval document, an environmental document
  • Ensure our site and building perimeters are maintained to a high standard, with high security, sufficient drainage, pest control service agreement in place, wastage area kept away from the building, shutters reach the floor with no gaps, products kept away from any risk of contamination
  • Ensure all vehicles are kept clean, tidy, fully serviced, road legal, temperature controlled