Chef Michael Bremner backs Woods Foodservice expanding into Brighton

A FOOD delivery company has moved outside London for the first time to launch in Brighton.

Brighton chef Michael Bremner, of restaurants 64 Degrees and Murmur, has partnered with Woods Foodservice to help publicise the business.

He said: “The food scene in Brighton over the past few years has improved massively, and continues to do so.

“Considering the population, the number of good quality restaurants is amazing, and the sense of camaraderie between the chefs and owners of the different restaurants is something I don’t think you get in London. “It’s like we’re all pushing for the same thing in trying to make Brighton an amazing food destination.”

Darren Labbett, managing director of Woods Foodservice, said: “We are delighted that we’re now in a position to start delivering to culinary hotspots outside London, and there’s nowhere hotter than Brighton in the South at the moment. With so many exciting and ambitious chefs concentrated in and around Brighton, we can only see the restaurant scene going from strength to strength.”