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Quick Bite With Mark Drummond, Head Chef at Holborn Dining Room

The Woods Foodservice Quick Bite series is a 10-second download from a top UK chef sharing what’s on their plate.

We speak to Mark Drummond, Head Chef at Holborn Dining Room on opening a restaurant and what inspired him to become a chef.

What would you say is the most defining moment in your career?

My most defining moment has to be being part of the opening team at Holborn Dining Room, being a major contributor to the success of the restaurant, seeing the restaurant grow and seeing myself progress through the ranks to become the Head chef.

What inspired you to become a chef?

What inspired me? From a young age I used to annoy my mum in the kitchen running around her feet trying to help. but not really helping. She is a great cook and she inspired me to start cooking.

What piece of golden advice would you give to anyone in the industry who wants to be successful?

My golden advice would be, don’t think about position and money, just focus on being the best in the kitchen and the position and money will come to you.

What ingredients / trends will be big in 2020?

There have been so many trends in recent times, we never know what will happen.

I think the constant rise in protein and dairy prices will see an increase in healthier diets and the use of more pulses and grains in kitchens. There has also been a rise in gluten and wheat intolerances which I feel will lead to people starting to produce more gluten free dishes on menus.

In 2020, I would love to see more kitchens using small independent producers, supporting small businesses and having more sustainability in their restaurants.