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Sosa Gelespessa (Xantana Gum) 500g

Texture modifying agent: Jellying agent. Origin Europe.

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  • Thickening agent and emulsifier based on powdered xanthan gum and maltodextrin
  • Simply dissolve powder in any hot or cold liquid to thicken and blend sauces, coulis, soups and vinaigrettes
  •  Designed to resist and remain effective even in high temperatures
  • Slightly sweet taste
  • Freeze-thaw stable


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SOSA Gelespessa (Xanthan Gum) is a carbohydrate bacterial fermentation of corn starch that is used as thickening agent, emulsifier and suspensor. Use in any kind of liquid with water content higher than 80%. Dissolve in cold or hot, mix with hand blender. Heat resistant, allows freezing, thermo irreversible. Xantham gum thickening agent





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