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Sosa Inverted Sugar 1.4kg

Glucose and Fructose.

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  •  Invert sugar made from a blend of fructose and glucose.
  • Sweeter than regular sugar and improves a variety of food product.
  • Use in bakery products to keep moist, confectionery to reduce crystallisation.
  • It maintains moisture in icing and truffles.


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Inverted sugar is a combination of glucose and fructose, and can taste sweeter than table sugar. As well as its use as a sweetener, inverted sugar is hygroscopic which means that it reduces the amount of available water in food preparations. This lowers the spread of bacteria so it can act as a preservative in baking. It also behaves like an ‘anti-freeze’ in ice cream. As well as its role in increasing tenderness and moistness in desserts, it can also intensify aromas, particularly in sorbets and ganache. You can add it to doughs to speed up the fermentation of yeast.





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