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The Best Restaurants To Enjoy A Delicious Meat-Free Meal

There may only be a few days left of Veganuary to go, but if you’ve taken on the challenge, been inspired to reduce your meat consumption, or you just want to give it a try visit one of restaurants below.

1. Vanilla Black

Vanilla Black, located in the heart of London, is a critically acclaimed restaurant known for its innovative approach to vegetarian and vegan cuisine. The restaurant’s strictly ‘no pasta bake or vegetable curry’ policy sets the standard for forward thinking and challenging dishes that are different to the usual vegetarian options on the menu – smashing stereotypes.

2. The Vurger Co

If you’re looking for something quick and indulgent this Veganuary then The Vurger Co has you covered. This restaurant delivers soul satisfying vegan burgers that will not disappoint. The team of talented chefs’ mission is to revolutionise fast food through the power of plants, with chef influencer Gaz Oakley joining the fold as Executive Chef last year.

3. Hicce

If you’re dining out and looking for a hot spot with a variety of options for all dietary requirements, then Hicce is the place for you. The vegan and vegetarian options are plentiful and just as varied as the meat-based dishes. There’s something for everyone!