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What’s Coming into Season this September

With colder weather starting to creep up on us, we have an array of fresh produce coming into season and ready to grace menus.

Jerusalem Artichoke

Often resembling more of a root than its namesake, the Jerusalem artichoke has a white nutty flesh which is naturally sweet and crunchy. We get ours directly from France. They can be cooked much in the same way as potatoes or parsnips and are excellent roasted, pureed into soup or sautéed in butter.


Heritage Carrots

Perfect for adding colour to any roast or providing the perfect side dish slow roasted in honey, we also get our Heritage carrots directly from France. We stock the purple, white and yellow varieties which consequently, are the original specifies of carrot before Dutch growers developed a uniformly orange variety, supposedly in honour of their national colour.


Heritage Beetroot

Grown in the sandy soil of France, Heritage beetroot has a delicate texture and is ideal for roasting. We stock both the Candy and Golden varieties sourced only during their natural season of September to April.


Green Curly Kale

Kale, or Borecole as it was known, is native to the UK and had has had a real surge in popularity in the hospitality sector, becoming more and more prominent on menus. Rich in nutrients due to its dark and earthy nature, it’s at its very best in the colder months.