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Captain Morgan Spiced Gold Rum 35% 70CL

Beloved spirit renowned for its rich, smooth flavour profile.
  • Enhance cocktails with a touch of Caribbean flavour
  • Crafted using a secret blend of spices for a unique taste
  • Smooth and versatile for a wide range of mixing possibilities
  • Complements both classic and innovative drink recipes
  • A favourite choice for creating signature rum-based beverages
  • Exclusively designed for professional chefs and catering managers


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Captain Morgan Spiced Gold Rum is a beloved spirit renowned for its rich, smooth flavour profile that brings a touch of Caribbean zest to any cocktail or dish. With an alcohol content of 35%, this rum is a versatile addition to any bar or kitchen pantry. Crafted from fine Caribbean rum and a blend of exotic spices, including hints of vanilla, cloves, and cinnamon, Captain Morgan Spiced Gold Rum delivers a warm, aromatic experience that is perfect for creating unforgettable cocktails and marinades.



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