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Green Policies

We are now a carbon neutral business following a long-standing commitment to reducing our environmental impact, but we maintain our ambition to introduce eco-friendly practices wherever possible with the aim of eventually becoming carbon-negative.


Bespoke, modern and fully insulated, Woods distribution centre’s energy is provided by solar panels. All of the shutter doors are electronic and automatically operated by sensors maintaining the correct temperatures throughout the building. Plastic curtains have also been installed to minimise temperature loss when the doors are open.

The offices are fitted with floor to ceiling windows allowing the use natural light as much as possible. Where required energy efficient bulbs are used throughout the building with motion sensors so when a room is not in use the lights automatically turn off.

The building has a water harvesting system allowing the use of rainwater where possible and we have also installed a 3-way interceptor to ensure wastewater from van washing and floor washing is filtered in a safe way.

The car park holds charging points for electric vehicles, which can be used by staff and guests.


Food delivery miles are kept to a minimum due to carefully planned delivery routes using the latest route planning technology. The vans comply with Euro 6 ratings, reducing emissions substantially. Company cars are all fully electric making them exempt from road tax and congestion charging. The entire fleet complies with London’s strict low emission policy.

AdBlue is used in all of the fleet which is checked daily. The fuel consumption of each vehicle is recorded via a tracking device which also measures speed and internal temperatures. This data helps improve fuel consumption and future plans include the possibility of producing biofuel by collecting used vegetable oil from customers to recycle.

The ambition is to replace the whole fleet with electric vehicles.

The entire forklift fleet is electric.


Woods has been recycling waste for many years now. In-house compactors are used to recycle cardboard and plastic until a full truck load is baled. All unused wooden pallets are also collected by truck lorry load to be recycled. In addition, clean cardboard and plastic collection is provided for customers and also waste cooking oil collection via our 3rd party partner. Woods also works in conjunction with suppliers to ensure packaging is constantly being reduced.

A high-tech Warehouse Management System allows maximum efficiencies. Paper picking notes have been replaced with scanners which has shown a huge reduction in the amount of paper used. The introduction of ePOD and EDI software has reduced paper invoicing to customers.

Food wastage is minimised by using warehouse management technologies by a skilled and experienced purchasing team. When required low dated stock is donated to charities such as Shelter from the storm.


All of the chillers and freezers within the warehouse use the latest technologies to minimise impact on the environment. The fleet chillers and freezers use eutectic plate technology which reduces emissions massively compared to the more traditional method of running a motor on top of the van.


The environmental strategy is reviewed regularly which all staff are fully trained on. The government ride-to-work and car share scheme are available to all staff. Laptops and phones are provided so staff are able to work from home at times to reduce travel the headquarters are located just a 10-minute walk from Uxbridge station which encourages staff to use public transport where possible.


Where possible produce is sourced locally. When this is not possible, full loads are ordered. Woods are committed to supplying customers with a range of organic and fair-trade products and also offer products from sustainable sources and only deal with reputable suppliers that have satisfied a strict accreditation process.


Woods Foodservice has an AA grade BRC certification, which demonstrates maximum efficiencies are in place at all times. The Confex ‘green wholesaler’ of the year has also been awarded.